BWI of the Twin Cities

Helping to build the bond between baby

and caregiver through babywearing.

"Babywearing helps me be a better mom because I can meet baby's needs and meet my other child's needs at the same time. Makes me feel like super mom!"

- Amanda

Hey babywearers! We are a chapter of Babywearing International, Inc. We believe in spreading the love of babywearing, and babywearing safely to all caregivers. Our meetings are free and open to the public. We hope to see you soon!



"Babywearing: So I don't lose a kid."

- Caryn

"I babywear to let my nanny babies know that even though I'm not mommy, I will hold them close and love them dearly."

- Danielle



Hello, babywearing friends!


As you know, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area has been blessed to have a vibrant, active babywearing community. For the past several years, we have had two Chapters of BWI in our community: BWI of the Twin Cities and BWI South Metro Minneapolis. BWITC and BWISMM have collaborated on many events and worked together behind the scenes to promote safe and welcoming babywearing all across the Twin Cities.


We are thrilled to announce that we are moving forward with making this collaboration permanent. That's right, your two local BWI Chapters are merging!


What does this mean for you, our members?


1. One big happy family! No more confusion on which chapter does what.

2. More meetings, more events, more fun!

3. Mega ultra awesome libraries!

4. An opportunity for our chapter to make a difference in our community with unified outreach!

5. Your membership continues no matter which chapter you joined under! You can borrow at *any* meeting! (Dual members, please contact our Merger Liaisons listed below to discuss your options!)


Our bigger, better, bolder chapter will continue under the broader name of BWI of the Twin Cities. BWI SMM is in the process of disaffiliating and transferring memberships, volunteers and libraries to BWI TC. This was a mutual, positive and unanimous decision from all volunteers from both chapters! We are excited to begin serving you all together as a whole.


Our goal is to transition to one chapter by April 1st (no joke!). There is a lot of behind the scenes paperwork and juggling of libraries, etc. that has to happen. ALL current meetings will continue as planned, and we have no plans to cancel any current meeting spaces! Your favorite meeting location will continue to host meetings as it always has (barring any unforeseen circumstances).


We will have a transition period where we will move all SMM members to TC membership. In addition, we will ask all members of the SMM Facebook group to join the TC Facebook group. We will keep our SMM group open for awhile to ensure stragglers get the message.


With any transition, there's sure to be bumps in the road as we figure things out. We ask that you have patience with us, and if you have any questions or comments, please contact our Merger Liaisons, Sheila Kelly and J Gwendolyn Arana .


Thanks for being awesome babywearers! We are looking forward to being one big happy family!


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