Every month we feature a carry or carrier to highlight at our monthly meetings and online (“BWITCCOTM” stands for Babywearing International of the Twin Cities Carry or Carrier of the Month).

This month we are featuring pouch slings!

[Image of multi-colored pouches neatly lined up with the curved edge on the right. A white circle overlays the edges of the pouches with text inside that says July 2017 hasthtag BWITCCOTM POUCHES followed by the multicolored logo of Babywearing International of the Twin Cities underneath.]

What is a “pouch sling?”

A pouch sling is a baby carrier that is a simple loop or tube of fabric that is worn over one shoulder much like a ring sling.  Most pouch slings come in sizes and are not adjustable, so it is important that your pouch sling fits you well.

Pouch Sling Photo Tutorial

Graphic features a collage of 11 photos demonstrating how to use a pouch sling carrier that is a tube of fabric and in this case colored teal and white. The separate photos each have a white heart with a black number on the top left corner to indicate which step it is. Black text on the first box on the upper left says POUCH TUTORIAL over the white Babywearing International of the Twin Cities logo. 1. Image of a white woman with dark hair holding a teal and white tube of fabric known as a pouch sling, with one curved edge out in front of her. 2. Image of pouch sling folded in half, still in a tube. 3. Image of a white woman with dark hair holding the folded pouch sling across her chest from shoulder to hip. 4. Image of a white woman with dark hair with a pouch sling over one shoulder and across her body, holding up the curved seam. 5. Image of a white woman with dark hair looking down at the demo doll on the ground. She has on the pouch sling, ready for a wearee. 6. Image of a white woman with dark hair smiling off to the side with a demo doll over her shoulder as she guides is into the pouch sling. 7. Image of a white woman with dark hair guiding a demo baby's bottom into the seat of the pouch sling. 8. Image of the pouch sling bottom edge being pulled up between the demo doll's legs, between the wearer and the demo doll. 9. Image of the demo doll in the pouch sling with legs and bottom in an "M" position. 10. Image of the back of a white woman with dark hair with one hand pulling down on the bottom of the pouch sling across her back. Last image has the text Done! instead of the theart and number; image of a smiling white woman with dark hair with a demo doll comfortably worn in a pouch sling with the shoulder flipped so you see the reverse side of the carrier.

  1.  Pouches are a tube with one curved edge where the seam is. Find that curved edge. Make sure the fabric isn’t twisted.
  2. Fold the pouch in half so the patterned side is on the outside all around the tube. The seam should be folded in half on itself.
  3. To get an idea of size, the pouch should be about as long as the distance from one shoulder to the opposite hip.
  4. Put the pouch on, sliding it over one arm and over your head like a beauty queen sash, with the fold on the bottom. The seam should be in front and will be where you place your wearee. Center it on your front for a young baby or you can choose to put it at your hip for an older infant/toddler.
  5.  Ask your wearee if they are interested in going up. Oh you’d love to, demo doll? Excellent.
  6. Start with baby up on your shoulder like you are going to burp them. Open up the pouch a bit, then slide baby down using one hand to guide their legs and bottom into the sling.
  7. Guide baby down into the sling so that their bottom sits in the center of the pouch, where the fold is. Pull the top of the pouch up towards the back of baby’s neck.
  8. Pull along the bottom edge of the pouch, from your back to the your front. Using the slight bit of slack, tuck the bottom portion up between baby’s knees to make a seat.
  9. Adjust the sling so it is spread across your shoulder.
  10. Spread the sling down across your back to help distribute the weight.

Tip: If the top edge of the sling doesn’t feel like it is supporting baby quite enough, you can flip the shoulder to use up some of that slack. Take the top layer closest to your neck and pull it down your shoulder.

Pouch Sling Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial with Captions for Pouch Sling Hip Carry by Tandem Trouble: https://youtu.be/LLO_okttppw

Did you know that BWITC has its very own POUCH exchange program??? Bring in your pouch sling and a Volunteer Babywearing Educator (VBE) and check to see if it’s fitted properly; if not, you can exchange it for one that fits. Let us know ahead of time so we can do our best to get our collection of pouches to the meeting you’ll be attending!

If you have any questions about babywearing, we encourage you to contact us and/or come learn in person at one of our meetings! Check out our Instagram @Babywearing.Twin.Cities and our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Babywearingtwincities/).

Images have image descriptions in the alternative text accessible to those who use screen readers.

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