#BWITCCOTM: Bei Dai/Meh Dai

Formerly referred to a "mei tai" (which is still used by some commercial brands); this spelling and pronunciation, however, is not accurate to the carrier's history and should be avoided. Meh dai (Cantonese) or bei dai (Mandarin) are rectangles of fabric with straps at the top and bottom. Meh dai means “back carrying strap" where “meh/bei” means “carry on your back,” and “dai” means strap.

Member Spotlight-Hello Amanda!

For the month of February we will feature babywearing stories from our BWI Twin Cities members! Read about his or her journey and how BWI Twin Cities has played a role. *Sarah* “When I started babywearing, I wanted nothing to do with woven wraps. I told myself they were too long, too complicated, and too expensive! […]