Greetings! Babywearing Twin Cities is happy to announce that we are rolling out a contact-free education and loan program.

To check out a carrier:

  1. Fill out the membership form. If you are already a member, skip to number 3.
  2. Pay membership fee with PayPal or Venmo: Memberships are $30/year, $10 per month (up to $30), Venmo, or free with scholarship form.
  3. Go to to decide which carrier (or two) you would like to check out.*
  4. Fill out this form for requesting a carrier**.

Request education:

  1. To request education, fill out this form.
  2. Education will be provided digitally via email, zoom, or whatever way the educator and the person requesting education have agreed upon.

Once we’ve received the request for check out or education, we will get back to you with more information.

For any questions, send us a message at

*BWTC reserves the right to deny certain carrier requests based on availability (i.e. person requests two popular buckle carriers we only have a limited stock of).
**Carrier availability is as accurate as we know at this time. We cannot 100% guarantee we have the specific carrier you are requesting but will make every effort to make suitable substitutions.

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