For the month of February we are featuring babywearing stories from our BWI Twin Cities members! Read about his or her journey and how BWI Twin Cities has played a role.

*Hello Carly!*

“I think my most cherished babywearing memory was when Vin was cutting his first tooth… he was so so so uncomfortable and nothing was comforting him, he wanted to be held and I was just exhausted. So I got him naked and did some skin to skin with a gorgeous cotton wrap… we did skin to skin all wrapped up with some soothing music playing in the background and danced/swayed until he finally fell asleep and stayed like that for hours… it was so precious and even though I was frustrated and exhausted from the experience I never wanted that moment to end!”

[Photograph of a sleeping baby on his mama's front in a green wrap with the sweetest droopiest cheeks.]

“I love that I can get anything done and go anywhere while babywearing! Our little guy has been many places in his short life thanks to babywearing.  I think my most recent superhero moment was while traveling to Florida.  We had a very short layover (30 minutes) and we had to run across the terminal to make it to our next flight so I strapped Vin to me in our favorite Lenny Lamb and we ran! He loved every minute of it, was smiling and having fun as we rushed to catch our flight… definitely felt like a superhero! I can only imagine how hard that situation would have been without a carrier!”

[Photograph of a smiling white woman with dark brown hair standing in an airport concourse wearing her alert baby in a green buckle carrier in the front.]

BWI has been a huge part of our babywearing journey! We went to our first meeting when Vin was only 5 weeks old and we haven’t missed one since.  I absolutely LOVE trying out new carriers and finding ones we love… except it has fueled my carrier addiction and now I find myself wanting to buy each carrier I rent out! LOL but I think that is the beauty of it! I rented out a Lillebaby one month only to find it just wasn’t for us… then rented out a Tula this past month and discovered I loved it so it has definitely saved me money from buying a carrier that I would never use and saving that money to spend on one that we LOVE, and yes I just bought a Tula.”

[Photograph of a smiling white woman with dark brown hair in sunglasses standing on a white sand beach with ocean waves in the background, wearing an alert infant with a bucket hat and the cutest baby cheeks in the front in a chevron-pattern buckle carrier.]

Thank you for sharing the love Carly!

[Graphic of a large cursive orange text that says love. The Babywearing International of the Twin Cities logo is over the "ove" part of the word.]

Blog post by Stephanie S.

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