For the month of February we are featuring babywearing stories from our BWI Twin Cities members! Read about his or her journey and how BWI Twin Cities has played a role.

*Hello Amanda!*

[Square photograph of a white woman with shoulder-length brown hair smiling into the camera while wearing a sleeping newborn on her chest in a gray and white striped stretchy wrap.]

Every time I wear my daughter, my load is lightened. I feel empowered to go places I’ve never gone, I have a newfound sense of independence. All I really need is a carrier/wrap and some comfortable shoes- I can figure out everything else as I go.

[Vertical rectangular photograph of a smiling white woman with shoulder-length brown hair with a smiling baby wearing a hat on her back. They are outside enjoying nature with flowing water and trees behind them.]

I don’t have to choose between being in a best friend’s wedding and being an attentive mother.

[Square photograph of a white woman dressed up at a wedding venue looking at camera while wearing her baby in a blue, black, and white loons ring sling with the tail wrapped around the rings.]

I have confidence in my body’s strength and resilience. My daughter’s needs are not a hassle when I can wear her. I am inspired and encouraged by other BWI parents who share the common love of keeping their babies close.

Thank you for sharing the love Amanda!

[Graphic of a large cursive orange text that says love. The Babywearing International of the Twin Cities logo is over the "ove" part of the word.]

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