For the month of February are featuring babywearing stories from our BWI Twin Cities members! Read about his or her journey and how BWI Twin Cities has played a role.

*Hello Sarah!*

“When I started babywearing, I wanted nothing to do with woven wraps. I told myself they were too long, too complicated, and too expensive! I tried many different types of carriers, but was never really happy with the fit. Then I got brave one day and tried a wrap at a meeting, and look at where we are now! I’m so thankful for BWI Twin Cities, for providing friendly and helpful volunteers and the resources to reach our happy, snugly, comfy place!”

[Photograph of a white woman with dark brown hair pulled back, making a silly face at her baby who is looking up at her. The baby is wrapped in front of her mama in a bright rainbow wrap.]

Thank you for sharing the love Sarah!

[Graphic of a large cursive orange text that says love. The Babywearing International of the Twin Cities logo is over the "ove" part of the word.]

Blog post by Stephanie S.

If you have any questions about babywearing, we encourage you to contact us and/or come learn in person at one of our meetings! Check out our Instagram @Babywearing.Twin.Cities and our Facebook page (

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