Baby Carriers

As part of our Community Outreach program, we offer Baby Carrier Basics classes. Some of the groups we visit have a great need for baby carriers but not the resources to make this a reality. For example, we regularly visit local teen parenting programs for Baby Carrier Basics classes and distribute donated carriers to them.

If you have a baby carrier you are no longer using or need, please consider donating it to our Community Outreach program. You can bring donated carriers to any meeting, or we can try and arrange to meet you. You can email if you would like to speak further about donated carriers or our Community Outreach program.

Image of a white woman kissing the white toddler worn on her front in a baby carrier. They're bordered by a heart. Text in black "Share the Babywearing" and in large red text "love" with red text underneath "donate a carrier." Background is white with black lines that make it seem quilted.


Monetary Donations

We always accept cash at a meeting or PayPal donations to help us achieve our mission of building the bond between babies and caregivers through baby carrier education and support.


Membership Perks and Sponsorship

We also accept donations of items or gift certificates which we may use at special events, and we would love to coordinate ongoing benefits to a business for our members.

We are developing a sponsorship program for our chapter, asking local businesses to offer our members some form of benefit with your business (determined by you) with the option to additionally donate money or product/service directly to our organization which we can raffle off at one of our annual events. In exchange, we will recognize your business as a contributing sponsor in ways which reach our 300+ paid members as well as 4,000+ Facebook group members and anyone who visits our website. If you wish, you may choose to remain anonymous.

Contact if you are interested in donating financially to our chapter.