Membership to our chapter is not required to come to meetings; they are free and open to the public. However by becoming a member, you are supporting us in our mission to build the bond between babies and caregivers through baby carrier education and support all around the Twin Cities. In addition, as a member you get FREE access to our carrier lending library as well as invitations to any members-only events.  

We offer two kinds of membership. A donation of $10 provides you with a monthly membership and allows you to check out up to two carriers for up to one month. If you choose to pay for three consecutive monthly memberships, we will automatically upgrade your membership to annual.

A donation of $30 provides you with an annual membership and allows you to check out an unlimited number of carriers throughout the year (one or two at a time for up to one month). The money stays in our organization to help build the lending library, reach more parents and caregivers in our community, and pay for our administrative costs.

Our chapter has scholarship funds available if you wish to become a member but find the membership fees to be a barrier.  

How to become a member

  • Or sign up for your membership at a meeting. Our volunteers can sign you up as a member, accept your donation in person (cash, check, or credit card), answer questions about scholarships and help you decide which form of membership is right for you.

It’s that easy! Thank you for your support of our chapter – we hope you love being part of our mission at Babywearing Twin Cities.