Our meetings are free and open to the public, led by educators who have had their skills assessed and accredited. We also have educators in training and volunteer administrative support helping at our meetings. We thank all our volunteers for all their hard work! We have meetings all over the Twin Cities of Minnesota. We also try to have a play date or fun activity every month.



Parents, parents-to-be and caregivers who are new to our group often wonder what they can expect at our meetings. Our meetings are free and open to anyone regardless of where you live. You do not need to be a paying member to attend a meeting. Paying for a membership supports our group and our mission financially and allows you to check out up to two carriers per month from our lending library for the duration of your monthly or year-long membership.

Our meetings are usually two hours long. You are welcome to come for the whole time, or if you need to arrive late/leave early, that is no problem at all. We try to allow a few extra minutes at the beginning of the meeting to wait for those who might be running a little late (this never happens with children, right?); this is a good time to return a borrowed carrier to a volunteer. Feel free to look through the lending library, visit with friends, or introduce yourself to someone new while we wait to get started.

We will begin with a few housekeeping announcements, things like who can help with what and when to check out carriers (at the end of the meeting). Then, we will go around the room for introductions, usually having everyone share their name and gender pronouns, child(ren)’s name(s), and what they’re hoping to learn at the meeting. Each month we have a different carry or carrier of the month and a quick demonstration. After the demo, we will direct everyone to small groups to focus on different carrier types (wraps, ring slings, soft structured carriers, meh dais/bei dais, and pouch slings). If you come to simply hang out, visit and try new stuff, that’s great! You certainly do not need to join a small group, just visit with others and mingle. The small groups are helpful if you want to learn something new or have questions regarding a specific carrier type. If small groups aren’t your thing, find an educator to ask whatever baby carrier question is on your mind.

If you would like to support our group and our mission by becoming a member, you can find a volunteer to help you. Once you are a member, you may check out up to two carriers each month.  You can check out a carrier at the end of the meeting, which is to ensure all library carriers are available during the meeting for attendees to try.

We hope you will join us at a meeting soon!

Did you know we offer text message reminders? We know life gets busy and things happen. Let us help make one thing a little easier by sending you text message reminders for upcoming meetings! Text 81010 and enter the meeting code before the parentheses. Personalize your alerts by signing up only for the events you’re interested in.

@bwtc-an (Andover)
@bwtc-av (Apple Valley)
@bwtc-bl (Blaine)
@bwtc-em (Everyday Miracles)
@bwtc-mbc (MN Birth Center)
@bwtc-nh (New Hope)
@bwtc-pac (Pacifier Highland Park)
@bwtc-stp (Rondo)
@bwtc-rts (Roots)
@bwtc-wb (Woodbury)
@bwtc-info (General Member Info)

We anticipate sending up to 3 text messages per month for each list. Check with your cell phone provider for any applicable rates.